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Pipe Fitters & Welders
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Blasters and Painters
  Original USA General Labor was formed in 1997 to fill the ever increasing gap between the workforce needed and the workforce available. We are proud to have supplied pipe welders, pipe fitters, structural welders, electricians, sandblasters/painters,carpenters and machinists to the shipbuilding and rig building industries, as well as the utilities,manufacturing and assembly plants, and several other crafts.

Original USA General Labor has provided many skilled and unskilled workers to job sites for both short and long term projects. We specialize in finding employees that are hard working, trustworthy and qualified. We pre-screen all our employees, verify their previous employment and personal references.

Original USA General Labor provides a highly qualified workforce to companies and is capable of meeting all your labor needs. We can relocate large groups of skilled craftsmen, without competing with your Human Resource Department for the same workers.

USA Labor is ready and capable to meet your needs in whichever skills are needed.
Machinists - manual and CNC
Crane Operators
Forklift Operators
and Laborers
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